What is the Evidence?

Cochrane Review of Music Therapy Research for People with Autism found Evidence that:
“Music therapy was superior to ‘placebo’ therapy or standard care with respect to social interaction, non-verbal and verbal communicative skills, initiating behaviour, and social-emotional reciprocity. Music therapy was also superior to ‘placebo’ therapy or standard care in the areas of social adaptation, joy, and the quality of parent-child relationships. None of the included studies reported any side effects caused by music therapy… Music therapy may help children with ASD to improve their skills in important areas such as social interaction and communication. Music therapy may also contribute to increasing social adaptation skills in children with ASD and to promoting the quality of parent-child relationships. Some of the included studies featured interventions that correspond well with treatment in clinical practice” (Geretsegger, Elefant, Mössler, Gold, 2014).

Findings, in full, can be accessed at:
Nordoff Robbins Evidence Bank
The Nordoff Robbins Evidence Bank is a collection of a wide range of references to music therapy and music and health research, as well as resources, which are organised into a series of ‘accounts’.

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