Services Provided


Referrals are accepted from Charities, Organisations and Schools.

Assessments & Treatment Sessions

On referral, Music Therapy assessments and treatment plans are offered.

Workshops, Training & Taster Sessions

Workshops, training and taster sessions are provided throughout Northern Ireland to advocate the benefits of Music Therapy as an Allied Healthcare Profession.

Trainings examine what Music Therapy is and also take a look at the role of Music Therapists as Health Care Professionals in addressing the development of Individuals living with a range of Diagnoses and Conditions.

Visual Case Studies can be presented of Music Therapy Interventions for Individuals living with Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Complex needs, Physical Impairments, Hearing and Visual Impairments, Cerebral Palsy, Difficulties with Expressive Communication and Global Developmental Delay.

Opportunities for participants to experiment on a range of musical instruments in a relaxed group setting are presented to provide an insight on the therapeutic potential of music when facilitating:

  • communication
  • cognitive functioning
  • confidence building
  • success-orientated experiences
  • development of motor skills
  • captivation of attention
  • stimulation of the imagination
  • creativity