What are the benefits?

Developing social skills:                                    

Can be worked towards through practicing turn-taking, sharing, stopping, waiting and listening with others in musical interactions.

Nurturing communication:

Music can be used to: encourage pre-verbal sounds, facilitate word production and gestural communication through singing & choice-making.

Encouraging attention and on-task behavior:

Used in an organised way, Music can develop skills of listening, processing & following directions, impulse control, focus on music-making.

Aiding physical development:

Through processes of manipulating instruments with different actions ie reaching, grasping, releasing, music and movement activities.

Assisting emotional well-being:

Playing instruments opens a valuable expressive outlet for those who do not use words, by-passing the demands of speech-based communication

Developing sensory well-being:

Gradual exploration of instruments, their textures / sounds, can help improve sensory tolerance and help aid with sensory integration